Water Damage – When you notice that the ceilings and walls inside of your home have dark spots this is a sign of extra moisture. The roof has become too weak to repel water during a rainstorm. This leads to leaking problems, which can damage the inside of your home.
Homeowners that take steps to have roof repair done when minor problems crop up tend to experience fewer problems. However, there are times when a roof replacement must be done. For instance, when a severe storm does major damage to a large portion of the roof. It is best to call in a roofing expert that can properly assess the amount of work that needs to be done.
For most homeowners, the new roof cost estimate is $7,000, to $11,000. Cost is going to depend a lot on the size of the home, type of roofing material selected, degree of difficulty during the installation process and contractor labor.
A quality roof replacement can last up to twenty years with regular maintenance and the manufacturers engineer their systems to last up to 30. Ask us about our maintenance program.
We provide our clients with two basic options. First, complete roof replacement, where we will tear-off the existing roof and install the new roof. Second, we will re-cover the existing roof with a new roof system. Our professionals will carefully check the roof. If it already had one re-cover installed, then we will recommend to remove the old roof and install a new one. It is because some building code requirements don’t allow more than one roof system re-cover.
Repairing damage to your property with equivalent material and quality is required and expected by your insurance carrier and mortgagor, if applicable. We utilize the insurance adjustment to define the scope of work to ensure proper replacement and repair. The insurance adjustment, along with the contract, defines the scope of the project. When having work done on your home, it is imperative that you know exactly what will be done and how much it will cost. Often, when making repairs to a storm-damaged home, other necessary repairs, additional work, and their associated expenses can become apparent after the work has begun. In most cases, when working for insurance proceeds, 614 Roofing can contact the insurance company adjuster for supplemental claims. Under this scenario, your out of pocket expense will usually never change.
With an insured loss, the insurance company will pay up to its settlement figure as long as you provide an invoice under the company’s guidelines. If you choose a company that gives you a low estimate and provides standard work, the insurance company will pay only the amount of the low estimate. If you choose a quality-conscience company that will provide the best roof using quality materials, and up to date roof accessories, the insurance company will pay their final bill, as long as it does not exceed the adjuster’s estimate. In other words, whether you get a cheap roof or a roof with all of the accessories by a quality company, your cost is only your deductible.
Recoverable Depreciation is the amount withheld by the insurance company until the work is completed. Once the work is completed, an invoice is sent to the insurance company so that the recoverable depreciation can be released to the policyholder.
Make sure you are getting fair and responsible pricing. As we all know, there is always someone who will do it cheaper. 614 Roofing does continuous cost information sharing with the insurance companies and is always aware of current pricing. Insurance companies do continuous research in the ever-changing costs for repair and replacement in order to pay the lowest and fairest cost to their insured. The insurance company expects you to use a professional quality contractor that can do replacement work in a timely manner, pay all bills promptly to avoid material and mechanic liens, provide quality communication and service during the process, and ultimately warrant all work. Insurance proceeds typically provide sufficient compensation for a professionally managed contractor to provide proper service to its clients.
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